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Rainbow Pea Shoot Salad

Farmers market season is finally happening. Yes, it really is happening. Even with a pandemic and what seems like the expert level of Jumanji with murder hornets, farmers and producers still have crops growing and things baking. We thought we would take some inspiration from the bounty of locally harvested items. This recipe also has easy substitutions so if something isn't available or maybe, you don't like mango, don't be hesitant to switch it up. I'd say try it with the mango first though.

Course: Salad

Servings: 4


Gently toss the first 6 items together in a bowl. Toss in the dressing and gently mix. Serve the salad into 4 bowls and top with 1 ounce of Savory Snackage Coconut Curry Cashews. Enjoy!

Substitution suggestions:

  • Instead of mango, try peaches.

  • Instead of blackberries, try raspberries or blueberries

  • If you can't find pea shoots try any micro greens.

Make it a meal by marinating some chicken in Savory Snackage Peach Poppyseed Dressing for approximately 30 minutes. Throw it on the grill. Slice up and add to the above ingredients. Delish!

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